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Building rehabilitation:

Building rehabilitation For those who wish to update and improve their property, enhance their comfort, improve safety and efficiency.


  • Energy efficiency: Improve the energy efficiency of your property so that you need not worry about expensive heating and air conditioning bills while at the same time helping the environment. environment.
  • Waterproofing:avoid or eliminate costly filtration from decks and roofs, leaking pipes, rising damp and condensation…
  • Structure: identify and solve problems such as cracks, structural deformation, woodworm, concrete deterioration and rust to guarantee a solid and durable structure.
  • Exterior:prevent unsightly deterioration of the roof or façade of your property which can result in long term structural decay.
Certificates and permits

As requested by public authorities and signed by a licensed professional.

  • Certificate of habitability: This is required for the sale or rent of a residential property. It certifies that a dwelling meets all the minimum standards according to current regulations. Valid for 15 years.
  • Energy efficiency certificate: This is required for the sale or rent of a residential or commercial property. It ranks the environmental impact of the property and provides suggestions to improve energy efficiency and decrease carbon emissions.
  • Building technical inspection: This detects any deficiencies regarding health and safety in residential buildings. Mandatory for buildings of 45 years or more.
  • Economical activity permit: This is necessary before starting any kind of business that requires a commercial or industrial location such as bars, restaurants, shops, factories, gyms, offices etc. The permit is granted after demonstrating that both the premises and activity being carried out comply with regulations with regards to environmental impact, health and safety and fire safety.
  • Construction work permit: This is required before starting any kind of construction, renovation or rehabilitation works. A local council permit is mandatory. There are 4 different processes to follow depending on the size of the work that needs to be carried out.
Technical assessment

For situations when it is advisable to have expert advice.

  • Real estate:Before renting or buying a property ensure you are making the right investment. Order a technical survey which can identify hidden problems or unexpected future expenses and which can also provide improvement opportunities.
  • Interior renovations: By relying entirely on your builder or contractor you could face unexpected problems. Avoid this by employing an architect who can assess your project from design to completion.
  • Quantity surveying: order a QS review to ensure that all assessments are accurate, prices are fair and avoid unexpected costs before accepting a construction company’s offer.
  • Building maintenance plan:long term planning to maintain the high standard of your property into the future makes for sound financial sense.

Legal documents that require the signature of a collegiate technician.

  • Initial or final state of a rental:both if you are a tenant as if you are a lessor, certify the inventory of goods, damages and / or conservation status at the time of delivery of keys.
  • Works stopped:quantify and rate the works executed to date if you have had to stop some works due to discrepancies with your client or with your contractor.
  • Urban legalizationacquires the approval for existing or future constructions in your property. Sometimes necessary to grant mortgages and / or expansion permissions.
  • Update of cadastral data: if the cadastre does not do justice to the reality of your property, you will need justification signed by a technician for the footage to be reviewed.
Out sourcing:

Legal documents that require the signature of a collegiate technician.

  • Building site supervision:
  • Quality control
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Quantity surveying
  • Quoting and costing: using project descriptions and architectural plans we can calculate the measurements, rates and coatings of your project both in BC3 format and MsExcel Spreadsheet.
  • As-built plans and architectural drafting: A time consuming but essential job which we carry out to a high standard.

Building improvements

Let us be your project manager for any improvements that you have in mind to enhance your home, business premises or real estate investment.

  • Renovation and rehabilitation:For all types of interior and exterior renovation work, expansion or rehabilitation of facades, roofs, installations or structures.
  • Accessibility: Incorporate elevators, lifting systems, ramps or other such modifications to eliminate architectural barriers.
  • Renewable energy:incorporate Solar Thermal Energy Systems to produce hot water and heating, Solar Photovoltaic Systems to produce electricity as well as Aerothermal and Geothermal heating.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation:A broad range of techniques, products and systems to improve your comfort indoors and reduce energy consumption.

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